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ComproTax Academy and Services

ComproTax through our nationwide Affiliates has been providing quality tax preparation services to individuals, families, and business owners through our many affiliates for over 38 years.  In addition, we have provided the opportunity to many people in communities all over the country to become professional tax preparers.

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Virtual Tax Business

Start a ComproTax Virtual Tax business and watch your life change

Non-Affiliate Enrollee

ComproTax has developed a state-of-the-art tax training course.

Returning ComproTax Affiliate

We welcome you to another year of becoming a ComproTax Pro

Become a ComproTax Pro and get all of the assistance you need to be successful

What We Offer


Start A ComproTax Virtual Business

We'll admit that there are a lot of options for starting a business, but nothing can be more assured of success that does not require thousands of dollars to get started than a tax business.  And the best partner is ComproTax.

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Online Class

New Affiliate Enrollee

Making the decision to start your tax preparation business with ComproTax is a wise one. In over 38 years we have helped thousands start their own tax business under the ComproTax brand without a franchise fee.

Returning ComproTax Affiliate

Welcome back to ComproTax. As a ComproTax Affiliate to help maintain your level of quality in the professional preparation of tax returns, you are required to take ComproTax tax course every year.

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Insurance Consultation

 ComproTax has developed a state-of-the-art tax training course.  Our course provides you with all of the knowledge required to learn tax preparation on a professional level.


Small Business Services

ComproTax provide a variety of business services to small business owners such as tax preparation, bookkeeping, business consulting and other services

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Other ComproTax Services

ComproTax offers other services that are important to individuals, families, and small businesses such as insurance and access to community events.

Why Us?

Lets Start With Our 38 Years Of Continued Service

Over 38 Years Of Continued Success

We Have Developed Our Own Tax Course

We Help Others Start Their Own Tax Business

There Are No Franchise Fees


The Founders


Yusuf Muhammad

Chairman of ComproTax Educational Department

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Dr. Jackie Mayfield

President of ComproTax

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Fred Zeno

Chairman of The Board



Craig Johnson

Executive Vice President

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