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Once registration is complete go to IRS Continuing Education Courses to select a course or course package


IRS Continuing Education Courses

Courses designed to meet IRS guidelines, providing tax professionals with updated knowledge on tax laws and filing procedures to maintain their credentials and enhance their expertise.

ComproTax Affiliate Courses

Specialized training programs for affiliated partners, focusing on advanced tax concepts, software use, and strategies to optimize client services and business growth.

Non-Affiliate Courses

Comprehensive tax courses available to all individuals, offering foundational to advanced tax education without the need for an existing partnership, allowing for broadened skill sets in tax preparation and advisory services.


Tax & Bookkeeping Exam Prep

Earning a professional credential is one of the most important decisions that you make in your career. Is a certification exam standing in your way? If so, our industry leading tax and accounting exam preparation methods can help you succeed.

The promise of online adaptive learning is a more efficient study experience. While many exam review providers claim to have adaptive learning platforms, the reality is that few are able to deliver real value. We recognize that technology is changing education and we embrace it by leading the way with new innovations. Our approach to exam prep is about empowering you to make data driven decisions as you learn. Nothing will ever replace hard work, but you can set yourself up for success with our accounting exam preparation courses.

After enrolling select a course or course package by clicking IRS Continuing Education Courses



Jenny Mickles, Tax Professional

ComproTax Academy has always been my go to source for tax preparation courses!


Joseph Rivera, Tax Professional

There are online tax schools and theirs ComproTax Academy; the focus on education is unmatched!


Candace Condry, Tax Professional

ComproTax Academy offers a well designed curriculum for new and tenured tax professionals; the return on the investment is always positive!

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